Booking Stevens Puppets

Booking Stevens Puppets is very simple.

Contact: Dan Raynor
Phone/Text:  512-318-8760
Email:  [email protected]
Post:  P.O. Box 394 Bristol, IN 46507

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Here are some helpful questions to answer prior to contacting Stevens Puppets:

  • Do you have a date and time selected for your performance? It’s a good idea to have a second or even third date choice in mind in case we’re already booked.
  • Do you know how many performances you would like?  A good rule of thumb is to have 150 or fewer people per performance.
  • Do you have a performance location selected?  If so, is the performance area large enough to accommodate the performance and the audience?  Our full stage “footprint” is 12ft wide/8ft tall/6ft deep.  Our stage dimensions are very versatile and fits in almost any room.