I wanted to extend to you my most SINCERE THANKS for such an incredible program! My little girl and librarian heart (my big girl heart, for that matter) couldn't be happier that we hosted your performance today. The Wizard of Oz is my all-time favorite story, and your interpretation was spectacular. (And I SWEAR the scarecrow was really Ray Bolger ? SPOT ON.) I wish all performers were as enthusiastic and embracing of kids as you!
- Beth, Ohio
We have seen Stevens puppets at events and loved them! Due to the current situation of not being able to get together we had them do our daughter’s birthday party online. The show, Goldilocks and the 3 bears, was amazing!! Our guests loved it and Dan really took time after the show for questions and to celebrate the birthday girl! They had guests make an interactive card and sent that to us as well as a video of the after show activities. Dan kept in touch with me and was very helpful throughout! I highly recommend them if you are looking for a way to celebrate your child’s birthday during this difficult time! I look forward to seeing them again in the future!!
- Beth, Missouri
This is a highlight my daughter looks forward to every year!
- Anne, Illinois
Back by popular demand, hand-carved marionettes gave a true-to-the-original dramatic presentation of "Beauty and the Beast" for our students and faculty.
- Saint Paul's School, Illinois
Thank you again for introducing and making this possible for our kids at Centers. 26 boys and girls with hyperactivity, behavior problems, and many other issues, watched the (Beauty and the Beast) show the whole time! For about 45 minutes the kids were allowed to forget their troubles, laugh and have a great time. Thanks again.
- Karen, Program Manager, Arkansas
"Goldilocks and the Three Bears" was absolutely awesome and amazing! I can't even express in words the great adaptation of the story. It brought an age old story up to speed for the 21st century. The setting in Alaska was outstanding and so perfect. The new marionettes were fantastic! I recommend this show to every library and school.
- Stephanie, Librarian, Michigan
Our K-12 school just LOVED the Goldilocks marionette performance this afternoon. Our little ones loved Baby Bear, our intermediate students were mesmerized by the charming story and music, and our high-school students laughed all the way through the performance. All of us were enchanted by the beauty and artistry of the hand-made puppets and scenery. It was like watching a broadway show in our multi-purpose room. WOW!
- Jody, Principal, Orlando, FL
Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a delightful show with timely lessons for our students! Stevens Puppets are in a league all their own and at the top of their game. I HIGHLY recommend them!
- Lucia, Jacksonville, FL
I loved the use of alliteration, rhyme, and similes throughout the Goldilocks and the Three Bears script. Some of the rhyming, especially at the beginning, reminded me of reading Dr. Seuss. 
- Ryan, Baltimore, MD
Loved, Loved, LOVED this show!!! [Goldilocks and the Three Bears]
- Joy, Melbourne, FL
Goldilocks and the Three Bears will be a "SLAM DUNK" wherever it performs!
- High School Administrator, Apopko, FL
It was fantastic, over-the-top, amazing!
- Michelle, Elkhart, IN
It's like, "The Sound of Music", only better!
- Andrea, Carmel, IN
Once again, a fabulous and enjoyable performance. The kids absolutely LOVE when the puppets come to visit.
- Christy, Fort Wayne, IN
We had outstanding performances again this summer. In fact, our afternoon performance at Children's Library was our highest attended program of the summer!! We look forward to working with you in the future. Our customers and staff love Stevens Puppets!
- Mary, Toledo, OH
We saw the "Wizard of Oz" show at the Troy (Illinois) Library today and my whole family LOVED it!!!
- Laura, Troy, IL
Fairy tales came to life. A great family friendly program!
- Grand Ledge Library, MI
Stevens Puppets are simply magical!
- Joyce, Delta Junction Library, AK
This is a long-overdue note to tell you how much everyone enjoyed Greg’s Beauty & the Beast programs a couple of weeks ago. The large audiences of children and their parents were mesmerized by the marionettes. As they were leaving the program, everyone had a smile on their faces and talked about what a wonderful time they had. Thanks to Stevens Puppets and Greg for making these programs so wonderful.
- Rocky River Public Library, OH
AWESOME! loved it. Absolutely loved it!
- Corning Public Library, Corning, AR
We were extremely pleased with your Rumplestiltskin performance on Sunday. Your interaction with the audience was superb and the kids loved it (even the big kids!)
- Polly, Tibbit's Theatre, Coldwater, MI
Fantastic, Funny, and Informative. I just got home from the assembly at Cherry Tree (School) and wanted to let you know that it was fantastic! Bob’s introduction was funny and informative and got the program off to a great start. The students loved watching the Wizard of Oz and seemed amazed with the puppets and how they worked. Thanks again for fitting us into the schedule!
- Lynne - PTO President - Fishers, IN
Funniest! The funniest version of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" performed with marionettes.
- Mom and Kids - Fishers, Indiana
Amazing! The marionette show that we saw today at Amish Acres in Indiana was amazing! The gentleman doing the show (Bob Walls) was extremely talented with the marionettes and we were just captivated watching the show. It had a full audience! I had never seen a show like that before. I was completely intrigued by the little marionette that was the prince version of Aladdin. His little clothes and shoes were so adorable. We got to see all of the dolls after the show, and I just found them all amazing. I am aware that they are all very unique, had carved and very old. I've never seen anything like them, and I have seen marionettes before. The show was fantastic, tons of talent there. Thanks!
- Marie - Nappanee, IN
Show was Wonderful! My grandchildren and nephew enjoyed the puppet show at seaford library in seaford de, it was able to keep the attention of all the children who are ages 8mo, 23mo, and 12yrs, (Dan) was very entertaining. the show was wonderful, thanks for visiting our library.
- Grandmother - Seaford, DE
Loved the Show! We saw you at the Delaplane Strawberry Festival and my son and his friends loved the show!
- Darcy - Delaplane, VA
Amazing! I saw a puppet show (The Wizard of Oz) at the River Vale Library. It was amazing and the kids were completely entertained.
- Mom - New Jersey
WOW! Our family saw The Wizard of Oz on Saturday at our local library, and WOW -- what a treat it was! Our three kids (2.5, 5, and 7) were all entranced by the magic of the marionettes. I couldn't believe that Mackenzie single-handedly (well, double-handedly!) maneuvered all those puppets! She had a fabulous post-show rapport with the children afterwards, and the kids were all charmed by her, and we were all impressed with her explanations of the art of puppeteering. Please know that she was wonderful!!
- Mom - Annandale, Va
Mesmerized! What can I say about the show! We were almost speechless! Bob did an outstanding job! Great rapport with the children and they were mesmerized by his performance. What a wonderful way to begin our Summer Reading! We will certainly invite the Stevens Puppets back again.
- Librarian, Huron, OH
"Really Great Experience" I was very impressed with both the puppets and especially the puppeteer. Dan you really know how to work the crowd from the youngest to the Great Grandmothers. I have work at the library about 20 months and there is a family that come regularly and I have never seen the Grandmother, Mother or the girl and boy smile, I have even tried to do silly thing and they think I am childish. TODAY I saw all four laughing over and over again, after the show they came to the children's room and said that was GREAT, but went right back into the non smiling faces. Many parents and child care providers came into the children's room or called later to express Thanks for a really great experience for the children.
- Great Grandma, Chesapeake, VA
"Very Entertaining" I thought the show was great ! Dan is very entertaining. My 4 year old son & I had some really good laughs. Dan really knows how to put on a good show. Loved his sense of humor and talent. Looking forward to future shows. Keep up the great work, Dan!
- Mom, New Jersey
"Wholesome, Family show" I just wanted to let you know my boys, ages 7 and 4, really enjoyed your Legend of Sleepy Hollow show at the Library. I wasn't sure if my 4 year old would sit still for the whole thing, but he did! Thank you for an entertaining, wholesome, family show!! We hope you'll be back in town soon!
- Robin, Newark, OH
"Absolutely Magical" I recently saw a production by your company at the Bronson Library in Bronson, Michigan. It was a wonderful experience. My daughter, who is 2, had a great time. I'm so glad that I had the chance to take her. I remember seeing presentations by your company when I was in elementary school. My memories of those performances are very vivid. It was absolutely magical to me to watch the puppets on stage. Thank you for once again coming to our small town so that I could share this experience with my daughter.
- Connie, Michigan
"Wonderful and Creative" Thank you so much for your performance at White Marsh Elementary School. My daughter has talked about your presence at the school and can’t say enough about how much she loved it. She has been begging me to get on your web site, so we finally did. What a wonderful & creative way you and your family have caught the attention of children. Again I want to thank you.
- Charlotte Hall, MD
"Fabulously Entertaining" This fabulously entertaining event is sure to please the entire family! Dan Raynor and Stevens Puppets are back by popular demand with everyone's favorite story... The Wizard of Oz. Funnyman Dan Raynor's contagious humor will have you holding your sides, as you discover why he's our favorite puppeteer. An afternoon with Stevens Puppets' marionettes, humor, and talent will be one of your favorite memories.
- Norfolk, VA
"Remarkable" We really appreciated you sending your puppeteer to do the Beauty and the Beast show for our 2005 summer reading program. His presentation was remarkable for all of our area patrons. The puppet the children wanted to see after the show was the Beast. They liked the way the Beast moved his tail around. Thanks again for being a part of the learning process by sharing your puppet show with us.
- Sharon, Children's Librarian, Walton, IN
"Amazing Experience" We had the unique opportunity of seeing "Beauty and the Beast" today at our Head Start Center. It was absolutely an amazing experience for the children. I don't think they have ever been so quiet and attentive. They thoroughly enjoyed the production as did the adults. I must say, Adam did an awesome job of entertaining the children before, during and after the performance. We are looking forward to doing this again in the near future. Thanks so much,
- Vista Head Start, Coldwater, MI
"Fabulous" We want to say "THANK YOU" to Ms Erin! She did a fabulous job! We watched the Wizard of Oz at the Anne Arundel Public Library in Severna Park, MD. My children (daughter 7, and son 2) absolutely love the movie. Your presentation was easy for them to follow the story line. They loved it soo much that they are begging me to see it again! Veronica and kids, Severna Park, MD.
- Veronica, Severna Park, MD
"Truly Enchanted" My son and I saw your Wizard of Oz show at Forest Library today. We were truly enchanted. Erin and the puppets performed a show which we will remember for a long time to come. Thank you for your backstage visit, too. I think all the children were amazed. I will definitely ask our library to have you come again!
- Forest, VA
"Wonderful Performance" Dan, Just wanted to let you know it was a wonderful performance of Beauty and the Beast today at Ryan Park School in Angola, In. The children loved it. Especially appreciated your "crowd control" with the children. The question/answer time was well done. So glad they got to see all the puppets and how they work. Thanks again and we anxiously await next spring's presentation.
- Deb, Ryan Park School, Angola, IN
"Very Impressed" I wanted to thank you and Adam for providing us with another wonderful show. This was the best attended program we have had here so far. The children really loved it and the adults did too and were very impressed. Keep up the great work and we hope to have you here again soon! Thank you,
- Michigan
Excellent Performer! Thank you for sending Adam to do our Beauty & the Beast. He is an excellent performer and added fun to the story. Our patrons & staff thoroughly enjoyed the show. Many said it was the best we have had. They want Adam to come back next year. The staff & I enjoyed getting to know Adam & Maria. Thanks again for a wonderful show.
- Marilyn, OH
Very Professional! Adam presented 'Beauty and the Beast' to our after school program in Elkhart, Indiana, on February 16th. He was very professional, arriving early to set up so he was ready exactly as we had planned. The children enjoyed the staging, the puppets, and the story. It moved quickly and held their attention nicely. We enjoyed his talking with the children afterwards and especially allowing them to go 'behind the scenes' to see how he did his presentation. We believe that our inner city children should be exposed to the best experiences that we can offer. We thank you for providing such rich presentations of children's classics. We look forward to next year's show.
- Director of WOW, Ohio
Magical Night! I just wanted to say what a great job you did at Fellowship Missionary Church in Fort Wayne, IN, for our Father/Daughter Banquet. Your puppeteer was VERY patient with the younger girls wanting to have their pictures taken with the different puppets. He was good at answering questions too. The story line was very interesting too. I am sure this was the 1st version of the story . . .(not like the Disney version) which goes right along with the art of puppets dating from way back. I personally enjoyed this so very much. I have heard many other people comment on how different and unique the performancewas. Many had never seen a puppet show before. (This was my second time) Once again, Thank you for the magical night you provided for us. I will keep you on file for future reference.
- Stuart, Fort Wayne, IN
Fantastic! Thank you so much for coming to the Russell County Library this morning. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow was fantastic! I enjoyed it as much as my two daughters (Lauren & Bailey). Once again, thank you for allowing them to watch you dismantle the stage & put away the puppets for travel. They haven't stopped talking about the show , the puppets & the stage. Lauren is now researching vaudeville based on your recommendation. Thank you for introducing her to another area of the performing arts. Please come back to our area again.
- Ronda, Lebanon, VA
Real Artistic Entertainment! My children and I enjoyed so much the puppet performance in Chesterfield, Va this summer. It was a real treat and we will never forget our afternoon there. In this high tech age, real artistic entertainment for kids is hard to find. What you do is so special and you have a great way with kids and are very funny. Thank You.
- Chesterfield County, VA
Tremendous Hit! Kids and adults alike LOVED it! All of the early birds also had a grand time with your behind the scenes tour and introduction to your wonderful friends. Your talent and your wife's extraordinary talent will take you far. Thanks for the reat entertainment. Your show was a tremendous hit!
- Blackwater Regional Library, VA
"Extremely Wonderful" I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful generosity towards the children at Riley Hospital for Children. Taking time out of your busy schedule and visiting with the children meant the world to them. You were extremely wonderful to the children. The puppets were amazing!! You are greatly appreciated. You definitely brought many smiles to the children's faces and made their hospital stay a little brighter. Here in the Child Life Department, we try to "normalize" the children's lives as much as possible. This can be accomplished through play, creative expression and special events. With the thoughtfulness and generosity of your organization, our job has been made easier. There is no way our staff could ever express the difference you make in the lives of the children. Thank you for caring and sharing!
- Riley Children's Hospital, Indianapolis, IN
Exceptional! A visit from Dan Raynor and the Stevens Puppets was a perfect kickoff to our Summer Reading Program. Our young readers were completely enthralled from the moment the curtain opened until the last bow. After his performance, Mr. Raynor spent a great deal of time showing the children how the puppets worked and answering questions about his craft. The puppets were beautiful, the stage a marvel of engineering and artistic talent (I still can't believe it all came out of two boxes!), and Mr. Raynor's skill at handling his audience is exceptional. Altogether the performance of Beauty and the Beast was a tremendous gift to all who viewed it.
- White Pigeon Library, Michigan
Spectacular! We just returned home from seeing "Beauty and the Beast" at our local library. We loved it so much! The show was spectacular, the beautiful woodcarved puppets were exceptional in their detail and we loved being able to see how they work and to tour the "stage". I am so glad that my child had this experience (and me, too). This experience was such a rich one for us both. We look forward to seeing more. Thanks!
- Maryland
National Treasure! "Puppeteer and legend Martin Stevens will never die while his beautifully carved masterpieces are in the hands of Dan Raynor. His stories connect with children of all ages, from any time. This show is truly a National Treasure! STEVENS PUPPETS -- created by a 20th century master and performed, lovingly, by a 21st century master".
- Dan Chapman, South Bend, IN
We have many more reviews, but we don't want to let this go to our head.
- Dan Raynor, Stevens Puppets