Show Summary

From the pages of The Arabian Nights comes the timeless story of Aladdin!  This Chinese folktale comes alive with the help of Martin Stevens’ hand-crafted marionettes.  A true “rags to riches” story, follow Aladdin from the streets to the royal palace and beyond!  Infused with music, mystery and magic, Aladdin is guaranteed to please all audiences!


The music used in this production is traditional Chinese music.
Tayal Folk Song, Capriccio for Chinese Flute, Go Dating With My Love, The Flower of Hsin-Jang, The Crab and the Egret.  The finale was “The Firebird”, composed by, Igor Stravinsky.

Length of Program

45 Minutes

Aladdin Publicity Pack

Show History

Aladdin was completed in 1980.  It would ultimately become the final full length marionette play created by Martin and Margi Stevens.

Photo Gallery

"Aladdin" Restoration 2015