Beauty and the Beast

Show Summary

In a timeless story about looking beyond the surface and beyond our differences to find the truth and dignity within each other, a strong and unselfish heroine sacrifices for her family and saves a man trapped in a prison of his own making.  Join Beauty on her journey from her good natured acceptance of her family’s changing fortunes to her adventurous stay in the Beast’s castle as she teaches him to love himself and share that love with others.  Vibrantly colorful hand-painted scenery showcases hand-carved wooden marionettes who appear and disappear mystically through the magic mirror. Young and old alike will marvel at the science and technology which brings this magic to life.


The music used in this production was composed by, Antonio Lucio Vivaldi.

Length of Program

45 minutes (with a 5-10 minute demonstration following the performance)

Wikipedia / Beauty and the Beast

Stevens Puppets, "Beauty and the Beast" promotional video.

Show History

Beauty and the Beast was created in 1999 by Zan Raynor.  It is the first new show to tour under the Stevens’ name since Aladdin in 1980.  The show took 4 years to make.  All the marionettes are fully carved of wood and hand painted with hand made costumes.  The script was written by Zan Raynor.

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