The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

Show Summary

In this silly and non scary version of Washington Irving’s classic piece of literature, children of all ages will follow the lanky school master, Ichabod Crane, as he sings, dances, and falls in love with a giggly, Katrina Van Tassel.

Audiences watch breathless as Katrina’s father, Baltus, and the village goof ball, Brom Bones, try to run Ichabod out of town by telling him the tale of . . . The Headless Horseman.  Stevens Puppets bring this ever-popular classic tale delightfully to life with beautiful wooden marionettes. The entire production is underscored by classical music and a fun time is had by all!  Adapted for marionettes by Martin Stevens and Daniel Raynor.


The music used in this production was composed by Domenico Scarlatti.  However, The Headless Horseman chase music is “Night on Bald Mountain”, composed by Modest Mussorgsky.

Length of Program

45 Minutes

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Stevens Puppets, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" promotional video.

Show History

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow was originally created in 1965 by Martin and Margi Stevens.  The marionettes are hand carved of wood and the costumes are all hand made.  This particular show debuted in 1965 and went on a full tour.  It went on another tour in the early to mid 1970’s.  It was then shelved until 2000.

In 2000, Dan Raynor adapted the original script and took it out on tour that same year.  It was received with huge acclaim and remains one of our most popular stories.

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"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" Restoration 2015